What’s In A POS Machine Price?

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A common query from business owners seeking a new POS system is “What’s Really In A POS Machine Price?” In most technical industries, where the available product information throughout the marketplace is awash with jargon saturated specifications, making sense of the detail in order to arrive at a confident buying decision can be confusing, or difficult at best.

But what exactly comprises a POS system? What are the available options for payment? How can EPOS quotes be interpreted by non-technical people and compared like-for-like?

In order to give you the best advantage of achieving a successful POS system investment decision, we have developed a comprehensive infographic (as a teaching aid) for the purpose of showing you exactly what lurks behind the price of a POS terminal (inc. hardware, software, peripherals and all other components).

Infographic: Table of Contents

Outline of What's Really In A POS Machine Price?*FREE Demo EPOS Software*
  • What typically are the different types of EPOS till?
  • What payment options are most likely offered?
  • Percentage cost breakdown of EPOS System
  • EPOS cost breakdown piechart
  • Is there such a thing as FREE EPOS?
  • Key considerations in choosing POS hardware…
  • Key considerations in choosing POS software…
  • Gain advantage: Buying from a software developer!
  • So, what’s new in EPOS?
  • Niche feature: EPOS for independent bike dealers
  • Any questions?…have your say!


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