Monitor AE

Monitor AE

The Monitor AE is suitable for all types of business due to the aluminium housing and its 4G of RAM.
With ECTouch you can enjoy all these features:

  • View and print old sales.
  • Clerk interrupt.
  • Stock control.
  • Four price levels per item.
  • Comprehensive management reports.
  • Easy programming.
  • Kitchen printers for orders.
  • Ibutton for clerks.
  • Plu 2nd for helves and doubles.
  • Fully editable floor (Table-tab) plan designed for ease of use in manager mode.
  • Colour coded table status.
  • Large buttons on keyboard for quick operation.
  • Used with ECPOS back office software
  • Customer Loyalty with full history
  • SMS Messaging
  • Online Ordering
  • And more

Hardware Specification

CPU: Intel Atom 1.86G
Touch Screen: 15″ TFT LCS Touch Screen Monitor
Screen Resolution: 1025*768
Magnetic card reader included
Material: Aluminium Housing
Dimensions: 365*290*260mm
Weight: 8.5kg

Communication Ports (I/O)

LAN onboard 10/100 Mbps
2x COM ports
6x USB Ports
1x PS/2
1x RJ11 Port
VGA Port 1x

Optional customer display and Dallas reader