Warerhouse Management System EPOS

Store Keeper At WorkECTouch EPOS system for Warehouse Management

ECTouch EPOS System is a highy customisable warehouse management software with great utiity for organisations running warehouse operations.

Our in-house experts are the original developers of this software and will help in tailoring  your solution to meet your organisational needs.

Will ECTouch EPOS system be flexible enough to meet the demands of my warehouse business?

Yes, our in-house software development experts have produced a thoroughly adaptable platform to suit the needs of any small to medium sized warehouse operation. We can program your unique processes, locations and logic into your system to ensure the solution really does what you need it to do.

EPos System for Warehouses PDF Download - EPOS Company (GB) Ltd. [2016]

[Click on the image above to download our warehouse management system brochure]

Below are some of the functions of the software:

  • Easy to use
  • Customer database
  • Programmable keys
  • Barcode labelling for tracking
  • Customisable logic
  • Back office reporting

…plus, more!

So how will it help me make my business tick over?

Data integrity and system connectivity

Warehouse Management System

ECTouch EPOS system as a warehouse management system has compatability with ecommerce, back office and accounting software. Our software technicians have developed in-house solutions which integrate seamlessly and otherwise can program APIs to interface with 3rd party systems like Sage Accounting for example.

How will ECTouch EPOS system help me build my warehouse business?

Helping you minimise inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and reducing costs are just some of the incremental, yet cumuative benefits of using ECTouch as a warehouse management system or buiders merchants EPOS. For more information click here

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