ECTouch EPOS system for Dry Cleaning

ECTouch EPOS system has many features designed specifically to benefit your dry cleaning business, a lot of our clients within this sector are very satisfied with the way this system works. This solution is a very user friendly package, as is the customer management system that helps you maintain customer accounts.

You can supply your repeat customers with periodic statements if that is what they require. No longer do you have to search through hundreds of items on your rails, because of lost tickets.

This system retains customer details as well as corresponding ticket information.

What makes this system better than other systems on the market we hear you ask? The answer is simple; this solution is reliableeasy and we can supply this at a cost that is affordable to all you independent dry cleaning owners.

Can I simply pull up a summary of each customer using ECTouch EPOS system?

Yes. Within the click of a button, having searched for your customer using your simple database ‘address find’ function – ECTouch EPOS system give you a loyalty/profit summary of your dry cleaning customer’s activity from day one.

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ECTouch EPOS system, with a rich set of customisable functions and yet very easy to use and learn is designed to manage your business easily and effectively. Some of features for dry cleaning systems are:

  • Easy to use
  • Customer database
  • Programmable Keys
  • Customisable screen levels
  • Payment tender
  • Pre-payment facilities
  • Staff security control
  • Ticket hold / recall
  • Paid out and No sale features
  • Automatic receipts
  • Price checker
  • Multi-buy discount facilities
  • Customer loyalty scheme
  • Lost tickets recovery
  • Re-clean
  • Electronic journal
  • Credit card integration (optional)
  • On rail tickets
  • Refund and void features
  • Partial payments
  • VAT calculations
  • Four price levels
  • Complementary functions
  • Employee time and attendance (optional)
  • Comprehensive end of day reports
  • View and print old sales
  • Customer search
  • SMS Messaging (optional)
  • Back office software (optional)

Can the ECTouch EPOS system help promote dry cleaning offers with SMS Messaging?

You can send text messages to your dry cleaning customer database, for example, this can be used in a Dry Cleaning company to inform the customer that their items are ready, or you can even advertise your current offers.

You can also customize what information will be printed for the Customers receipt and for the item tickets this can be used to make the tickets small but still contain the information that you want to see.

Will I be able to re-print lost customer  tickets?

When your dry cleaning customer loses their ticket you don’t want to have to find the items to find out, with ECTouch you can simply see all of the tickets that have not been collected allowing you to select their ticket.

Can ECTouch simply give me a customer history?

Using ECTouch you can see the customer history, this allows you to see all the transactions that each customer has done individually. You can then view exactly what items they have bought.

I plan to expand sales to reach the online market – can ECTouch integrate with ecommerce?

Yes ECTouch has integrated online ordering so your customers have a choice to arrange collection or drop off and receive by delivery or collection. The order will then be printed by ECTouch.

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