ECMobile | PDA Remote Order Taking

Wireless ordering PDA


Epos Company supplies various PDA equipment for remote order taking.

Orders can be transmitted directly from the PDA to the bar or kitchen via WiFi, allowing your employees to spend more time with guests and less time walking back and forth.

When your staff takes an order, they simply key it into the device and the order is instantly transmitted through your Wi-Fi wireless system to any printer in the bar and/or kitchen, so the waiters can then progress to serve the next customer.

Wireless ordering PDA reduces time spent on order taking and keying orders into EPOS system information is directly transmitted via wireless to EPOS terminal.

Improves staff efficiency by eliminating need for waiters to go to kitchen to deliver orders.

Order processing time is immediate since kitchen receives order right away, allowing for quicker service, and higher table turnover.
Improved accuracy of order taking.

With one staff member going around taking orders and sending them to the kitchen, another staff member serving orders and taking payments, the advantage of using a wireless ordering system over traditional ordering systems, is clearly visible.

For larger bars, the ability to take orders instantly at various locations throughout the venue and transmit them wirelessly to the bar, removes the need for customers to queue. This will lead to a more relaxed drinking environment and faster sales processing.

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