Dell Axim TM X51 – v-624MHz Handheld

The Dell AximTM X51 is the ultimate handheld device for Wireless Epos, with a brilliant VGA display at an affordable price.



Microsoft® Windows MobileTM 5.0 software with Windows Media Player 10 Mobile
Powered by the Intel® XScaleTM PXA270 Processor at 624MHz
Brilliant 3.7″ colour TFT VGA display with 640×480 resolution
Integrated Intel® 2700G multimedia accelerator with 16MB video memory
Integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b) and BluetoothTM Wireless Technologies
Packed with 64MB SDRAM and 256MB Flash ROM
VGA-Out Support with optional VGA Presentation Bundle
Removable Primary Battery with optional High Capacity Battery
3.5mm Headphone / Headset Jack for Headsets to support VoIP and voice recognition applications
Built-in microphone and speaker for easy recording on the go
USB Cradle including Battery Charging Slot
Sleek, stylish design

The Dell AximTM X51 System Specifications:

Processor: Intel® XScaleTM PXA270 624MHz
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows MobileTM 5.0 software with Windows Media Player 10 Mobile
ROM: 256MB Flash memory
Display: TFT Colour 16-bit, Touch Sensitive, Transflective LCD
3.7 inches
480 x 640 resolution at 65,536 colours (VGA)
Graphics: Intel® 2700G multimedia accelerator with 16MB video memory

Control and Lights:
5-way Navigation button
Wireless On/Off Button
Lock Switch
4 Program Buttons: Calendar, Contacts, Inbox, Home
Voice Record Button
Reset Button
Backlit Power Button
Event Notification
Charge Status
Wireless Status

Expansion Slots: 1 CompactFlash Type II Card Slot (3.3v)
1 Secure Digital / SDIO Now / MMC Memory Card Slot (3.3v)
Ports and Connectors: Standard v1.2 (115 kbps) Infrared Port
36-pin Cradle/Sync Connector
3.5mm Headphone/Headset Jack

Length 119 mm (4.7 inches)
Width 73 mm (2.9 inches)
Height 16.9 mm (0.7 inches)
Weight 175 grams (6.2 oz)

Audio Controller I2S Codec, WM8750 sound chip
Stereo Conversion 16-bit stereo; 8.0, 11.025, 22.05 and 44.1KHz sample rate
Full Duplex Record and Playback
Integrated Microphone and Speaker

Power Supply:
AC Adapter
Battery Type
1100 mAh Lithium-Ion Removable, Rechargeable (standard)
2200 mAh Lithium-Ion Removable, Rechargeable (optional)

What’s in the Box of The Dell AximTM X51 Hardware:
Sync option: USB Cradle (std X51 520MHz & X51v 624MHz) or USB sync cable (std X51 416 MHz)
Adapter connector
Standard carrying case
Hard copy documentation
AC adapter & localized power cord
Standard battery (1100 mAh)

Operating System Applications:
Microsoft® Windows MobileTM 5.0 with Media Player 10 Mobile – Includes Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Voice Recorder, Notes, Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, Internet Explorer Mobile, Windows Media Player 10 Mobile, Calculator, Pictures, Jawbreaker, Solitaire, Messaging, File Explorer, MSN Messenger, Terminal Services Client, VPN Client, Infrared Beaming, Clock, Align Screen, Memory, Volume control, Landscape Mode support, WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access); Bluetooth utility, Certificates Manager, Password setting, Today theme tool, Download Agent

Dell Applications (On device):
File Store (nonvolatile file storage in flash ROM), Backup (utility for Backup/Restore to Memory Card), Switcher (access and launch programs easily), Power Status, Brightness, Microphone Gain Control, Version Display, Dell WLAN utility (with optional wireless model), Funk Odyssey Client (CCX 1.0)
Getting Started CD

Microsoft Applications:
Outlook 2002, ActiveSync 4.0 (desktop device synchronization)
Full Versions:
Dell Axim Self Diagnostic Utility, Resco Picture Viewer, GEO RALLY 3D Game, Toy Golf 3D Game, Battery Pack (Lite)

Trial Versions:
CityTime, eWallet, SPB Finance, Journal Bar, Virtual Pool Mobile, Bejeweled 2, Full Hand Casino, Handmark Monopoly, Handmark Scrabble, Resco File Explorer, Links Pocket PC, Westtek ClearVue Suite, Calligrapher, Enigmo (requires X51v)

Trial Versions downloaded from the web:
Media Player 10 (full), Voice Command (trial)