ECTouch and other products Licence Renewal and Support for Dealers

We would like to thank all our re-sellers for their support. We hope that ECTouch and other software products supplied by us have added value to your business.

We at Epos Company are constantly listening to our dealers and re-sellers with their requirements as well as looking out for new features to enhance the ECTouch software in order to keep up to date with fast pace of change in technology use. There have been numerous additional functions added to ECTouch since its release in 2008. Over 265 software releases have taken place so far. To be able to continue the above we would need to have the following terms and conditions.

  1. All damaged dongles would be replaced with new dongles and licence file upon receipt of the old dongle. Currently this service cost £50+vat plus postage.
  2. All lost Dongles would be replaced and charged at full price.
  3. All Hardware licences are subject to a minimum charge of £75+vat for re-licensing due to hardware failure. Old licences will be destroyed and proof of hardware damage may be necessary.
  4. No automatic replacement is available for Tablet licences. Upon receiving proof of damage replacement will be charged at £60+vat.
  5. Licences are not transferable. Payment codes and licence files are issued to the original reseller only.
  6. Dongle numbers below 2000 are not upgradable any longer but can be replaced with new ones with 25% discount.
  7. We do our outmost to support all dealers with their enquiries related to our products online and on the phone. Manuals and other supporting documents are also available on our support page to further assist you.
  8. We are unable to assist dealers with their specific networking or any other windows issues not directly related to our products.
  9. As per our licence installation agreement each licence is dedicated to one CPU only and you are bound by its terms and conditions (Details on website).
  10. For up to date prices please refer to our current dealer products price list or email us for a price list.
  11. To benefit from dealers and re-sellers prices and services you are required to purchase a minimum of ten licences per annum