Behesht restaurant, London NW10


“With 14 waiters, an onsite bakery, 2 kitchens and a drinks bar, effective and

efficient communication is key to maintaining our high standards of service. Our 4 integrated EPoS systems, each with ECTouch software ensures we manage the rigours of our frenetic trade whilst delighting our customers” beams Omid.

Omid utilises a network of thermal printers connected via ECTouch software over wi-fi to message hundreds of orders a day between the various teams at the restaurant. This enables him to weave together a seamless orchestration of customer satisfaction, time and time again.

“I constantly monitor the market and speak to Reza’s competitors, where I see advantages elsewhere I simply request that Reza introduce that functionality into the ECTouch software and without fail, we are always impressed with the outcome.

There’s no doubt ECTouch EPoS software has contributed positively to the bottom-line of the business, the time alone it saves me on collating sales receipts at the end of the day is worth it, 100%!”

EPoS Company’s responsiveness in tailoring and maintaining the systems is something that Omid considers to be second to none. “Reza and his team make amendments to my system remotely without need to make interruptive onsite visits.

7 days a week I can rely on EPoS company and their ECTouch software to support my restaurant grow from strength to strength.

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